Chapter 24. Navigating the Assertion Source Code Window

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24.1. Navigating the Source Code

The Assertion Source Viewer window allows the user to see the source code for the current assertion in the verbose assertion window. To view this window, simply click the Show Code button in the Verbose Assertion Coverage window. Figure 24.1, “Assertion Source Viewer Window” shows a zero_one_hot OVL assertion code with syntax highlighting applied.

Figure 24.1. Assertion Source Viewer Window

Assertion Source Viewer Window

24.1. Navigating the Source Code

The source code for the current assertion will be automatically displayed in the text viewer when the window is created. However, the source code will be displayed as it is found in the file system, without preprocessing applied to it. This means that included files will not be displayed in an in-lined fashion. To view included files, simply click on the included filename (it will be underlined). This will cause the included file to replace its includer in the text viewer. An infinite number of includes may be traversed in this manner. To go back to the file that included the current file, simply click on the Back button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the window. This will cause the current source code to be replaced with its "parent" source code.

Note that the Back button will be disabled when the top-level assertion file is currently displayed.

To exit this window, simply click on Close button. To see this help page for the assertion source code window, click on the help (?) button.