Chapter 30. Navigating the Wizard Window

The Wizard window starts up automatically at the start of the Covered GUI. It allows the user to quickly perform some of the more regular tasks within the GUI. The window is not necessary for performing these tasks, but for the new user it makes figuring out how to perform these tasks a bit easier. Figure 30.1, “Covered GUI Wizard Window” shows the layout of this window.

Figure 30.1. Covered GUI Wizard Window

Covered GUI Wizard Window

The buttons at the top of the window are shortcuts to performing the tasks displayed on the button. Clicking the associated button will cause a window to open to perform the given task. The following are the available shortcut buttons:

At the bottom of the wizard window, there is a checkbutton option that allows the user to not display the wizard window on startup. This option can be changed in the Section 28.4, “Preferences General Pane” at any time.

When the wizard window is closed, it can be redisplayed by clicking on the View > Wizard... menu item. The window will automatically be closed when a button on the wizard window is clicked or when the user closes the window with the window manager's "X" button.