Part IV. Graphical User Interface

Table of Contents

16. Introduction to the GUI
17. Navigating the Main Window
17.1. The Main Menu Bar
17.2. The Coverage Type View Bar
17.3. The Module/Instance Listbox
17.4. The Coverage File Viewer
17.5. The Information Bar
18. Navigating the Line Coverage Window
18.1. Viewing Uncovered Lines
18.2. Excluding/Included Uncovered Lines from Line Coverage
18.3. Viewing Covered Lines
19. Navigating the Toggle Coverage Window
19.1. Understanding the Layout
19.2. Excluding/Including a Signal for Toggle Coverage
19.3. Displaying a New Signal for Toggle Coverage
20. Navigating the Memory Coverage Window
20.1. Understanding the Layout
20.2. Excluding/Including a Memory for Memory Coverage
20.3. Displaying a New Memory for Memory Coverage
21. Navigating the Combinational Logic Window
21.1. Navigating a Statement
21.2. Understanding the Coverage Information
21.3. Excluding/Including a Subexpression
21.4. Displaying a New Statement
22. Navigating the FSM State/State Transition Coverage Window
22.1. Navigating the FSM Window
22.2. Excluding/Including a State Transition
22.3. Displaying a New FSM
23. Navigating the Assertion Coverage Window
23.1. Navigating the Assertion Coverage Window
23.2. Excluding/Including Assertion Coverage Points
23.3. Displaying a New Assertion Instance
24. Navigating the Assertion Source Code Window
24.1. Navigating the Source Code
25. Creating a New CDD
25.1. Navigating the New CDD Creation Option Selection Page
25.2. Navigating the New CDD Creation CDD Name Page
25.3. CDD Creation Type Page
25.4. CDD Creation Options1 Page
25.5. CDD Creation Options2 Page
25.6. CDD Creation Output Pane
26. Creating an ASCII report file
26.1. Navigating the Report Generator Selection Page
26.2. Report Generation Options Page
27. Creating a CDD Ranking Report
27.1. CDD Ranking Option Selection Page
27.2. CDD Ranking Option Page
27.3. CDD Ranking Input File Selection Page
27.4. CDD ranking Command Output Page
28. Navigating the Preferences Window
28.1. Option Categories
28.2. Preference Buttons
28.3. Preferences Configuration File
28.4. Preferences General Pane
28.5. Preferences Color Pane
28.6. Preference Coverage Goals Pane
28.7. Preferences Syntax Highlighting Pane
28.8. Preferences Exclusion Pane
28.9. Preference Merging Pane
29. The Exclusion Reason Popup Window
30. Navigating the Wizard Window