Stable release covered-0.7.6

Stable release covered-0.7.6 made. This is a bug fix release only.
  • Fixed misspelling in report generator code (misspelling showed up in text reports)
  • Fixed issues with performing module merging with modules containing generate blocks configured differently for different instantiations of the same module.

Stable release covered-0.7.5

Stable release covered-0.7.5 made. This is a bug fix release only.
  • Fixed bug 2808818. If a generate variable name collided with a reg/wire name, Covered was not emitting an error.
  • Fixed bug 2808820. If no signal was used from the dumpfile and at least one signal needs information from the dumpfile, Covered needed to signal a user error.
  • Fixed bug 2812321. Parameterized/generated modules could get incorrect coverage calculated for them.
  • Fixed bug 2812495. Fixed a crash issue. There is another part to this bug report that is not fixed, however.
  • Fixed bug 2813405. A design run with the -g score option caused the GUI to freeze when viewed.
  • Fixed bug 2813948. Fixed assertion issue with merging scored and unscored CDD files.

Development release covered-20090802

Development release covered-20090802 made. This development release adds several performance enhancements and bug fixes to the new inlined code coverage flow, including the following:
  • Adding support for $random and $urandom system calls to inlined coverage.
  • Includes all fixes made to the stable 0.7.5 release.
  • Adding support for $value$plusargs system calls to inlined coverage.
  • Fixing issue with generated IF statements.
  • Added user documentation for inlined coverage flow and score options.
  • Fixing issue with generated code interrupting comma-separated assign statements.
  • Performed code simplification and performance improvement with the way statements were handled internally.
  • Removed unnecessary calls to simulation functions when using inlined code coverage (this added a performance penalty).
  • Improved performance of inlined code generator for sizing generated signals.
  • Fixed memory indexing issues related to memory coverage.
  • Added support for static function and static ternary operators for inlined code coverage.
  • Added code to differentiate functions used statically and not to do the right thing for inlined code coverage accumulation.
  • Added vcd_diff script which checks the dumpfile output from non-inlined and inlined design files to verify that the inlined code generator does not change the result. This check is now a part of all inlined regression runs.
  • Made several performance improvements to the VCD file reader. The reader is now 10-20% faster.
  • Added support for Verilator regressions runs and ported a couple of diagnostics to Verilator format.
  • Adding check to make sure that a CDD file without inlined mode set that reads a VCD file containing inlined coverage data emits an error to the user and exits gracefully.
  • Added -inline-comb-depth score option to allow the user to specify a shallower combinational coverage depth to be generated -- improving inlined simulation and coverage performance.
  • For Verilator runs, inserted pragmas around intermediate combinational logic expression signals to exclude them from being output to VCD files. This improves simulation and coverage performance for Verilator runs (other simulators that have a VPI that automatically remove these signals from generating change callbacks).
  • Performing code replace of some actual code with pre-calculated intermediate expression values for further simulation performance improvements.
  • Added "e" option to -inline-metrics which allows event coverage to be turned on/off independently of other combinational logic coverage. This allows further simulation and coverage performance improvements (especially for Verilator runs).
  • Added optimization that causes code generation to be skipped for assertion files when assertion coverage is not required.
  • Full regressions now runs cleanly with all code changes.