Stable release covered-0.7.7

Stable release covered-0.7.7 made. This is a bug fix release only.
  • Fixed compilation warnings when compiling on 64-bit Mac OS X and Debian-based platforms.
  • Updates to build scripts to help downstream Debian releases builds.
  • Fixed bug 2880705. $Id: keywords containing newlines are now handled properly. Additionally, fixing issues with multiply instantiated modules within a generate block.
  • Fixed bug 2881869. Fixed a stack overflow issue in the gen_item_resolve function that would cause segmentation faults when too many items were being generated within a single generate block.
  • Fixed bug 2882433. Fixed the "ERROR! Parameter used in expression but not defined in current module" error when a generated module instance has a parameter override of a parameter with the same name as the parameter within the module that contains the generate block.