Stable release covered-0.7.2

Stable release covered-0.7.2 made. This is primarily a bug fix release with a few new features added to the CLI. Here are the details of the changes.
  • Fixed bug 2791651. Memory deallocation errors occurred when syntax errors were being reported by the parser.
  • Fixed bug 2791599. Whitespace prior to a `line or #line directive were not being handled properly.
  • Fixed bug 2794588. If a module was specified in a -v option after its directory was specified by the -y option to the score command, the module was not found for parsing.
  • Fixed bug 2794684. If a normal (not generate) case statement within a generate block will output the case expression to be output to the CDD more than once, leading to internal assertion errors when the CDD file is read.
  • Fixed bug 2795088. When a CDD file is opened from the wizard GUI window, the open file window can be placed behind the wizard window. Instead the wizard window should disappear once a selection button has been clicked.
  • Fixed bug 2795086. If the user clicked on the global exclusion reason listbox when it is empty, a Tcl/Tk error message box was raised.
  • Fixed bug 2795089. If the GUI detailed combinational logic window is used to view several expressions one after the other, Covered can segfault.
  • Fixed bug 2795583. Score command segfaults when a module is instantiated within a generate block and overrides a parameter value within the module.
  • Fixed bug 2795640. Variables instantiated within a generate block caused issues with Covered when simulated with VCS.
  • Fixed bug where memory elements being assigned via non-blocking assignments were not being evaluated, leading to incorrect coverage output.
  • CLI updates/fixes:
    • When the 'debug on' command is specified, a line specifying that the debug mode is now on is output (previously nothing was output (because the debug mode was off).
    • Changed the 'debug on' command to 'debug less' and 'debug more' where the prior only outputs the executed statements and timestep information during simulation while the latter outputs what 'debug on' used to output (extremely verbose).
    • Fixed bug 2795209. When an unknown CLI command was specified, a memory error occurred.
    • Fixed bug 2795215. Status bar was attempting to be output during simulation when debug mode was turned on. This created some unreadable/messy output.
    • Changed the 'goto ' command to 'goto time '.
    • Added 'goto line [:]' command which simulates until the specified line number is about to be simulated.
    • Added 'goto expr ' command which simulates until the given expression evaluates to a value of true.
    • Added support for handling the Ctrl-C interrupt when the score command is simulating with the -cli option specified. In this case, simulation will immediately stop and return a CLI prompt which will allow the user to continue interacting with the simulation.
  • Updated user guide documentation to include the changes made to the CLI.

Stable release covered-0.7.1

Stable release covered-0.7.1 made. This is a bug fix release only. Here are the details:
  • Fixed bug 2782473. CDD files being merged from different testbenches but with similar leading hierarchy (but different top-level modules) which would lead to internal assertion errors.
  • Fixed bug 2785453. Wires declared in generated named scopes were not handled correctly by Covered in VPI mode of operation, leading to inaccurate coverage information.
  • Fixed bug 2786986. An always block with a part select in the sensitivity list was triggering on the entire signal change rather than the specific part select, leading to a potential degradation in performance and inaccuracy in coverage information.
  • Allow time variable types to be included for coverage.
  • Fixing permission issue with the install-sh script that some people would get after first downloading and installing.
  • Updated README and INSTALL files to be more accurate.
  • Fixed coverage accuracy issue for code that uses variable part selects in LHS of expressions.