Stable release covered-0.7.8

Stable release covered-0.7.8 made. This release is primarily a bug fix release, but it does contain a few new
minor features and Verilog language enhancements. Here are the details:

  • Fixed bug 2912587. Using the -f option with the merge command was causing errors.
  • Fixed bug 2912679. If the GUI was invoked (i.e., covered report -view) and an error in command-line parsing occurred, Covered segfaulted.
  • Added ability to specify the CDD on the report command-line when starting the GUI (i.e., covered report -view foobar.cdd) which will automatically load the specified CDD files into the GUI on startup. Feature request 2912698.
  • Fixed bug 2925756. An expression surrounded by the parenthesis could cause a segmentation fault when parsing.
  • Support has been added for NC-Verilog VPI usage.
  • Fixed bug 2926579. Changing from a known value to an X value should cause no change in toggle coverage; however, when we transition back to a known value and it differs from the previously known value, we record a toggle coverage change. Example: 0 -> X -> 0 (no change in coverage), 0 -> X -> 1 (change in coverage).
  • Fixed bug 2927285. Segmentation faults could occur when excluding FSM and combinational logic cases.
  • Added support for the $clog system function call.
  • Fixed bug 2929948. Assignments to a concatentation of signals could lead to segmentation fault.
  • Fixed issue in the LXT2 reader that resulted in a memory leak.
  • Fixed bug 2933112. Added full support for out-of-bounds assignment.
  • Added new -T global option that provides a "terse" output which outputs the Covered header and warnings/errors only (less output than using none of the global output verbosity options). Feature request 2952492.
  • Fixed bug 2960887. Adds support for creating a definition which contains no user value (i.e., `define FOO). Covered was incorrectly assigning a value of 1 to these types of defines.
  • Fixed bug 2958529. Zero width replications are now supported by Covered (i.e., {0{a & b}})
  • Fixed bug 2974860. Fixed issue with FSM state input/output variables being output to an ASCII report file correctly.
  • Added ability to allow the "trans" parameter to Covered FSM attributes to contain additional characters after it. Some simulators don't like Verilog attributes having the same name for multiple parameters. Feature request 2976039.
  • User guide has been updated per these changes.

New Website

The new Covered website has been released as of yesterday. It was made with the RapidWeaver application from RealMacSoftware. I have recently purchased this tool as part of the MacHeist Bundle2 suite of applications and wanted to see what I could do to give the Covered website a fresh new (and more professional) look. I’m quite pleased with the changes.

In addition to occasional musings like this one on this news/blog page, I will post release information here as well. Please feel free to add this page to your favorite RSS feed reader to make sure that you get the most up-to-date Covered news.

On a project related note, I plan on release a 0.7.8 stable release of Covered in the next few weeks. It is mostly a bug fix release with a few small enhancements, including some Verilog language support enhancements.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for making the website better and/or easier to use, feel free to click on the “Contact Me” link at that bottom of this page and send me an e-mail.

Trevor Williams