Stable release covered-0.7.9

Stable release covered-0.7.9 made. This release is a bug fix and minor feature enhancement release. Here are the details:

  • Cleaned up error messages emitted from the clang utility.
  • Updated GUI to use the ttk styled widgets for a more uniform look and allows the user to change the overall look of the GUI using a preference item.
  • Handling issue where a CDD file was created in a different directory and we attempt to load it in a different environment. Previously, a stack trace was emitted rather than just the user error message.
  • Updated copyright dates to include 2010
  • Added FST dumpfile scoring (new -fst option added to the score command to accommodate this option).
  • Adding support for "wire real" and associated code to Verilog parser.
  • Fixing issue with memory coverage.
  • Fixing bug 3054545. When a merged CDD file was used in an exclude command, a segmentation fault would occur.
  • Added support for constant assignment to reals.
  • Added support for "parameter integer" and "parameter real".
  • Added parsing support for the $fopenw system task.
  • Added support for performing +: and -: part selection on the left-hand-side of assignment expressions.
  • Fixed various memory overrun and memory leak issues that caused instability issues within the GUI.
  • Fixed GUI combinational logic issue where incorrect highlighting/underlining was occurring for uncovered expressions.
  • Fixed GUI issue with next/previous button traversal for combinational logic.
  • Enhanced the regression suite to verify all of the new features mentioned above.
  • Updated user guide HTML output to include the Covered banner to the top of each page.
  • User guide and man pages have been updated per these changes.

On a side note, active work on Covered's development branch(es) has stopped indefinitely. I plan to support the current feature set in the 0.7.x branch with possible minor enhancements as requested. Please feel free to continue to send me e-mail and/or submit bug reports against the 0.7.x stable releases.